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Pure Cannabidiol & Medical Grade CBD Oil Products

Highest Quality CBD 

No Prescription Required TO Visit Our Baltimore Cbd Store Location

CBD Supply MD takes Extra Precautions to Ensure all of our Products are Safe and Pure! We ONLY carry properly Vetted Products Check The Lab Results!


Sativa plants are used most commonly to elevate a depressed mood. Primarily the effects of sativas are on the mind and emotion. They tend to more stimulating, uplifting, energizing, and creativity enhancing. Sativas are generally better for daytime use. 

Benefits may include:

  • reduces depression

  • relieves headaches and migraines

  • energizes and stimulates

  • reduces awareness of pain

  • increases focus and creativity

  • reduces nausea

  • stimulates appetite

We Sell Sativa & Indica CBD Products!

Indica plants induce a relaxing mood. This can be helpful for symptoms such as anxiety, pain, and tremors. The effects of indica are mostly physical and have been described as relaxing, sedating and pain reducing. Indica’s are usually best for later in the day or before bed. 

Benefits may include:

  • pain reduction

  • anticonvulsant

  • reduction in pressure inside the eye

  • stimulates appetite

  • muscle relaxation

  • sleep inducing

  • reduces nausea

  • reduces inflammation

  • reduces spasms

  • reduces anxiety and stress


 CBD RETAIL STORE LOCATION -No Script Needed to Come In!


Our #petcbd product line includes oral drops for both #cats (250mg/10mL), and #dogs (500mg/10mL). Both are based in MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides derived from cococnut), as well as #organic #fullspectrum #cbd ! If you cat or dog is scared due to car rides, visits to the vet, thunder, or is a senior pet, our oral drops can help! We also have our protein-based #dogtreats available in our Joint Health and Calm&Composed formulation. Each has 5mg of organic, full-spectrum CBD. Our Joint Health also includes #glucosomine , #willowbark , and #coq10 - all to help with joint mobility! Our Calm & Composed includes #lavender , and #valerianroot to help ease #anxiety ! Fantastic options for #inflammation , #pain , and #stress ! Visit CBDsupplyMD.com #cbdforcats #cbdfordogs #cbdforpets #cbdsupplymd

Visit us Today at 8821a Orchard Tree Lane 21286 from 10am-7pm Our #cbd sublingual drops are available in our Extra Strength with 1000mg/10mL! One of the Most Concentrated options on the market today with 100mg of CBD in every mL. Remember: concentration effects absorption! 1000mg in a 10mL bottle is not the same as a 1000mg in a 30mL bottle. It is the equivalent of purchasing a cocktail with one shot of alcohol per 8oz or one shot of alcohol per 24oz - in which will you feel the effects of the alcohol? Our addCBD is based in MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), which has been shown to increase cognition. We then include our #terpene blend in either #sativa (energizing) or #indica (sedating). Terpenes not only have their own therapeutic benefits, but research shows they actually enhance the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic properties of the CBD! This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the "entourage effect". #fullspectrum , #organic , and highly effective for systemic #pain , #inflammation , #anxiety , and #stress . Visit CBDsupplyMD.com today! #cbdoil #cbdsupplymd #cbdforanxiety #cbdforpain #cbdforinflammation

We Now Carry A Full Line of Awesome CBD Coffee! Now At CBD Supply MD FOCUS-ESCAPE-RESTORE-ELEVATE!

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