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Is CBD legal?

Our products are hemp-derived, as opposed to marijuana-derived. Both are genus from cannabis sativa, but the plants are not recognized as the same according to the law. In February of 2014, President Obama signed the Farm Bill of 2013 into law. Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, qualifies industrial hemp as distinct from marijuana, and permits institutions of higher learning or state department’s of agriculture, in states where hemp is legalized, to regulate and launch research and pilot programs. In summary, 7606 authorizes “agricultural pilot programs”, which study the “growth, cultivation, or marketing of industrial hemp”. Meaning, if you are 7606 compliant (which we are), the sales and marketing of hemp’s raw materials is permitted. For more information, check out our page on the legality surrounding CBD.

Will CBD get me high?

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning you cannot get stoned or high from using it. Our products have no more than the legal limit of THC (0.3%). Most marijuana strains have at least 15% THC, so comparatively, ours has 45x less THC than found in marijuana.

How much should I take?

Everyone responds to CBD differently, so we can only offer a suggested starting dose as you establish your perfect dose. CBD is non-toxic, but does cause drowsiness if taken in large doses.

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