petCBD includes only organic, full-spectrum, CO2 extracted, third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD!

petCBD includes MCT oil, and terpenes for heightened therapeutic effects!

Highly effective, quality assured, and a fantastic combatant for separation anxiety, fear of travel, joint pain, and inflammation!

Organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil, combined with mono-terpenes, and MCT oil for a for relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation! Instead of using cheap solvents, such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, we add only MCT oil and terpenes to our potent and effective petCBD.  

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a form of saturated fatty acid that has been associated with various health benefits, such as long-lasting, improved cognition, increased metabolism, and increased satiety.

Terpenes are the cannabinoid-like compounds produced by plants that give both hemp and marijuana their distinct aromas, as well as provide therapeutic effects. We include a diverse and plentiful blend of terpenes in our petCBD, but most prominent are beta-linalool (found in lavender and jasmine), and beta-myrcene (found in sweet basil and mangoes) which emit their individual floral and spicy scents, but also have the effects of relieving pain and inflammation, significantly reducing anxiety, while presenting sedative effects.

And of course, our petCBD wouldn’t be complete without cannabidiol (CBD). Includes 500mg of CBD (2mg per drop), and is a powerful combatant against anxiety, inflammation, pain, and mood disorders.


CBD Pet – Oral Drops For Dogs

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  • Starting dose: For anxiety or pain, apply one drop per 15-20lbs. to your pet's favorite treat, and allow 45-60min for them to take effect. For acute anxiety due to thunderstorms or fireworks, take only as needed. For chronic anxiety or pain, apply 1 drop per 15-20lbs to your pet's favorite treat, 1x per day, for 1-3 days. If your pet does not respond to one drop per day, 1x per day, apply one drop to their favorite treat, 2x per day. Once you've established your pet's ideal dosage, continue using daily for long-term relief or as needed. *Note: petCBD should not be used for Cats.




    Anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory all in one bottle! Our proprietary blend of terpenes work synergistically with CBD, and result in their own therapeutic effects, such as relief from inflammation and pain, and combating stress and anxiety. Our petCBD – Oral Drops is a fantastic option for for your fluffy friends suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, or inflammation.