Organic, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil, combined with organic terpenes, and organic plant extracts to achieve the effect Focus. Remedy includes 1mL of concentrated oil.


Flavor: Mint – includes hints of spearmint for a refreshing and crisp flavor.

Ingredients: CBD, proprietary terpene blend, plant extracts – all organic ingredients.

Effects: Promotes mental focus and alertness, memory retention, enhances mood; anti-anxiety; antioxidant.

puf CBD Focus Vape Oil Spearmint

SKU: 0012
  • Starting dose: If vaporizing our pufCBD oil from our pufCBD pen Kit, pull on the pufCBD vaporizer for 2-3 seconds, inhale the vapor completely, hold for 1-2 seconds, and exhale. Take a few cleansing breaths, and see how you feel. Too much CBD can make you drowsy, so wait 30-45min to see if you've achieved the desired effect. If not, continue to pull on the vaporizer pen as instructed till desired effect is achieved. Once you've established your dosage, continue using daily for long-term relief or as needed.

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